Jun 18
Argos Unite picket line 5.45am Monday 17th June: solidarity by ARGOS agency workers!

This photo from Unite shows ARGOS Homebase agency workers who would normally clock in early before 6am on a Monday morning-when the strike ended this Monday-refusing to cross the Unite picket line. This resulted as you can see with agency workers cars double parked and blocking lorries coming into the depot.

This display of solidarity by agency workers who, even if they are Unite members, were legally not included in the strike ballot, was a tremendous boost to the Unite pickets at the very end of their 24-hour strike.



Apr 09

​Dear All

               Just being given a tour of the website by Richard

Dec 27

Dec 06
Poverty and Nelson Mandella

Poverty ​is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid,  it is man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.

                                                                - Nelson Mandella.


Dee Leary's Facebook status.


Dec 06
Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity it is an act of justice.

​How apt were Mandela's words! RIP Nelson Mandela! A principled leader who spent 27 years in prison fighting apartheid! His time as president for me was a disappointment, the South African majority may have won the right to vote. But the vast majority remained in dire poverty and still do! All the same, Mandela towers above Blair and Milliband and won the respect of Billions for leading the fight against a brutal Apartheid state!

Gerry Mcmahon

Dec 04
Car Park B - ABW South
With effect from Thursday 05 December 13 the car park will close as soon as all of the car parking bays are filled.
In an effort to fill all available parking bays in Car Park B a decision was taken to keep the car park open with the option for some parking on kerbsides where there was sufficient space to do so. However the situation has steadily become untenable due to inconsiderate and in some cases dangerous parking. In order to ensure staff can manoeuvre and park safely this facility will now be withdrawn.

Car Park B will close as soon as all parking bays are filled and kerbside parking and parking on the end of rows will no longer be permitted. We will soon be installing yellow lines to clearly define where staff cannot park and hopefully provide some additional parking bays in areas where space permits

Dec 02
Say "No" to racism!

What are you doing between 6 pm and 6.45 pm on Tuesday, 3rd December?

As part of our End Racism This Generation campaign, the new Liberal Democrat Minister for Integration and Race Equality, Stephen Williams MP, will be taking over our @EndRacismUK Twitter feed and answering questions about racism and race equality.

As a valued supporter of the campaign, we'd love you to get involved in this "Twitter Takeover". It's a great opportunity to ask Stephen Williams about his ideas and plans for tackling racism in his new role, and make suggestions of your own.

All you have to do is sign in to Twitter between 6 pm and 6.45 pm on Tuesday 3rd December and Tweet your question, including @EndRacismUK and #AskStephen in the Tweet.

There are constant reminders that racism and racial inequality still exist in the UK. In the past few weeks alone there has been a flurry of stories which show how widespread the problem is.

Earlier this week, the Avon and Somerset Chief Constable Chief Constable Nick Gargen admitted that race played a part in Bijan Ebrahimi murder, adding to the deceased’s sister’s assertion that it was a hate crime.

This month, a Ministry of Justice report showed that for similar offences black and Asian defendants are almost 20 per cent more likely to be sent to jail than those who are white.

Charlene White, a black ITV presenter was attacked on Twitter following her decision not to wear a poppy with calls for her to ‘go home’ and racially abusing her.

What do you think the government needs to do to tackle racial inequality? In the Twitter Takeover you can ask Stephen your questions, and share suggestions and experiences on the ground. Everyone is welcome to join in.

To get involved Tweet @EndRacismUK between 6 pm and 6.45pm on 3 December with the hashtag #AskStephenWilliams. Follow @EndRacismUK now and put it in your calendar so you don’t forget.

We look forward to seeing you on Twitter on Tuesday.

With best wishes

Rose, Sondhya, Zuleika and Reni


Pav Alam - equality and policy officer (Race, disability and welfare reform)

Equality, pay and policy

Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union

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Mobile:  07873209748

Nov 30
CIPD online article: "Zero-hours contracts unfairly demonised"

Zero-hours contracts unfairly demonised

Our latest research reveals that the use of zero-hours contracts in the UK has been underestimated, oversimplified and unfairly demonised. It finds that the positive experience of the majority of people employed on these contracts has been overlooked. Read our report.

The research also highlights a poor level of understanding about employment rights among employers and zero-hours workers. To combat this, we've published free guidance, in collaboration with law firm Lewis Silkin.

Has our research into zero hours contracts made you rethink your approach towards employing staff on this type of employment contract? Vote in our poll. Results from last week's poll show that 92% of voters think that volunteering is a good way to help young people become more work-ready.

Don't miss the sneak preview of insights from our new report Social Technology, Social Business? in our research blog. We'll be launching the report next Wednesday at the Social Media in HR Conference.

With December fast approaching, please check our library and Legal Advisory Service opening hours for the festive period.

Alison Gilbertson

Nov 28
Going to Work

Going to Work

Dear Duncan,

The controversial Lobbying Bill is steadily moving through the Lords on its way to becoming law, and we're currently being forced to respond to part three, which adds unnecesary and potentially damaging new regulations for trade unions.

One big concern is that the Bill risks the confidentiality of union membership lists - it's potentially a blacklisters' charter. Membership records will be opened to the government's Certification Officer, government nominated Membership Assurers and investigators appointed by employers or political opponents who want to raise a complaint.

Please help by signing our anonymous petition

This is really worrying. Whilst most people are happy to be open about union membership, many will be deeply concerned about bad employers finding out what they had previously had a right to keep a secret.

At a time when the full scope of the blacklisting scandal has still not come to light, giving employers and the government even more access to our sensitive personal data is a shocking development. We just can't trust them with a major change like this.

To dramatise the threat to confidentiality, we want to send a message to Andrew Lansley that thousands of people are concerned they will no longer have the right to keep secret whether or not they are a union member.

We will list all entries in the petition as "Anonymous", mentioning only your job and home town, to make the point that whilst you may have given us your consent to use your data, we don't think government should have this too.

Please sign the anonymous petition now

Thanks for your help in protecting our personal data,
John and the Going To Work team

Nov 13
Our complaint to Certification Officer re Unite election for General Secretary

From Jerry Hicks:  Click on link below for the web site

Jerry HIcks challenge to validity of Unite General Secretary election - Makes Sunday Times 'Front page'


The Sunday Times [0/11/2013] Front page article [click here for part of the artcle]  Union boss Len McCluskey 'elected by phantoms' carries my complaint to the Certification Officer regarding possible irregularities during the election for Unites General Secretary last April.

You may have seen the Guardian and Private Eye who previously also covered this issue. The media are responding to our press release of the 9th September [reprinted below]. The complaint also includes the conduct [of certain officials] of during the election. Which was the 'dirtiest' of all the elections I have ever stood in.

Press release: Press release: Press release: Immediate: 9/9/2013


Len McCluskey's rival calls for Unite leadership election result to be annulled


Jerry Hicks lodges complaint after revelation that Unite sent over 158,000 ballot papers to 'former members'.

Jerry Hicks, Len McCluskey's only rival in this year's election for Unite General Secretary has lodged a complaint calling for the result to be annulled after it emerged that 158,000 ballot papers were sent to members no longer paying fees. And it may result in the election having to be re-run

Len McCluskey, 63, won the election in April with a margin of 60,000 more votes than his opponent Jerry Hicks, who surprised everybody by polling nearly 40% of the vote. Remarkable given that he [Jerry Hicks] remains unemployed following his unlawful sacking for Trade Union activities by Rolls Royce in 2005.

But Jerry Hicks is complaining that between the end of December last year and January this year the union increased the number of potential voters in the leadership race by about 158,000. He has written to the trade union watchdog – the Certification Officer - to ask how "former trade union members" could be allowed to vote in the leadership election.

During the election there were some attempts to slur the name of Jerry Hicks, and these matters are also included in the complaint.

The certification officer has wide-ranging powers and in 2011 forced construction union UCATT to re-run a leadership election, declaring the vote invalid.

The Barrister acting against UCATT on that occasion was Jody Atkinson, and he is now representing Jerry Hicks on a 'pro bono' basis [free of charge].

Mr Atkinson said  " it appeared that Unite had been balloting people who had left the union, most likely because they had not paid their subscriptions. And it seems that ballot papers have been sent to people who have not been members for years."

In an interview with 'The Guardian's Randeep Ramesh' Jerry Hicks said "that he was told by Electoral Reform Services, which oversaw the union ballot, that Unite had identified "there was a group of 'members' who the Union had considered no longer to be members of the union" but "it was decided that they should be treated as continuing members and therefore for the purpose of the election eligible to vote" More interestingly it might be that as many as 77,000 of the 158,000 ballot papers had no postal address at all, so what on earth happened to them?.

Jerry Hicks said he wanted "Unite's leadership to explain why people who weren't members of the Unite union could vote in the election of its General Secretary. So far I've been offered no explanation."

Jerry Hicks, said Mr McCluskey called the "snap election" after the union's Executive Council last September changed the rule book to raise the retirement age of senior officials to 67 and an attempt was made to double the number of branch nominations required to stand in a leadership election from 50 to 100.

Adding "They thought that would deter me but they failed. I am an ordinary member who managed to get more than 150 nominations," The leadership got arrogant about their own power. They are paid six figure sums and have lost touch with ordinary members."

Len McCluskey, who has been Unite's General Secretary since 2010, had called the election early arguing he did not want to take to the hustings in the run up to the general election in 2015. Labour's biggest donor by far is Unite, which has provided 20%, about £12m, of party donations since the election.


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