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Join PCS

(or click Here if you’re not a civil servant)

Over the last few years PCS has achieved a great deal, much of it behind the scenes, most of it reliant on a strong membership. By joining PCS you will become part of one of Britain’s most active campaigning unions, leading the fight to defend our public services and our jobs, pay, pensions and conditions.

Ten Reasons To Join PCS (from the PCS website)

1. For a strong voice

Joining PCS is about standing up for one another. On your own you have very little power to influence decisions made by management. Uniting with your colleagues in the union means you can make a difference.

2. To make things better at work

Unions enable workers to organise around key improvements they want to make to their workplace. Together we can challenge the strength of our employers and improve our working lives.

3. To fight for better pay and terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions were not handed to us by management. We have fought hard to win them. Today we are going all out to protect what we already have as well as pushing for improvements where we think they can be made.

4. For decent public services in our communities

Decent public services need dedicated staff to deliver them. Stand with us to protect the services we provide.

5. To get the respect we deserve

No member should have to accept abuse, threats or physical assault as part of their job. Together we can stand up to bullies and protect each other.

6. For advice and support to ensure you are treated fairly at work

Your employer intends to be fair and responsible, but it’s possible that from time to time problems may arise. This is where access to advice and support from your union can pay off.

7. To combat discrimination and prejudice at work

We are encouraging and supporting members in under-represented groups to play a full and active role in our structures.

8. You will have the opportunity to elect your representatives

You can choose who you feel would best represent your interests or become a representative yourself. PCS is a democratic union and you can get involved and help decide union policy.

9. It’s unwise to wait

Even the most self-reliant person can have an accident or get sick, which can result in disciplinary action. Join us after encountering a problem at work and we may not be able to help you.

10. It’s easy

Complete an online enquiry form today and we’ll send you a joining pack in the post. Alternatively, download and print an application form and return it to your local rep or the address on the form.

For more information about joining PCS please visit the main PCS website here or speak to one of your branch reps.

Not a Civil Servant?

If you’re not a civil servant you should still join a trade union. We’re not all just strikes and arguing! Trade unions work with employers and government to, among other things:

  • help make workplaces safer,
  • protect and improve terms and conditions,
  • promote equality in the workplace and elsewhere,
  • provide training,
  • provide legal advice and representation if things do go wrong.

Visit the TUC’s Union Finder to find out which union you should join. Don’t worry if your workplace doesn’t have recognised trade union representation: you can still join. Maybe you could be the catalyst to getting your union recognised in your workplace.