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PCS members retiring / leaving - join ARMs!

There are plenty of opportunities for playing an active part in the ARMs network. ARMs members will be kept updated about relevant campaigns and can participate through a range of activities including signing petitions, lobbying their MPs, attending protests and much more. ARMs have a number of regional committees made up of elected reps who meet regularly to progress ARMs issues. These are open meetings and ARMs members are welcome to come as observers. There is also an elected national committee that ensures the voice of ARMs members is heard throughout the union. ARMs reps can also support local PCS branches by mentoring new reps, giving advice on personal cases and supporting their campaigns."

Here in the South West there is an active ARM's Regional Committee which meets every four months or so with the Officers meeting regularly in between full Regional Committee meetings. ARMs South West has delegates representing PCS on several South West Trades Councils as well as being affiliated to and playing an active part in three of the National Pensioners Convention Groups here in the South West.

Working closely with the PCS South West Regional Office we play an active part in PCS Campaigns, supporting our working colleagues in industrial action as well as being involved in other PCS South West Regional activities.

The ARMs South West pages present an up-to-date picture as far as the South West is concerned. Details of the ARMs South West Officers and Committee can be found at also on this website are the Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

We believe one of the Association's unique selling points is that for just £2.09 per month all but one of the benefits that were enjoyed by PCS membership whilst working are available to ARMs members. ARMs membership is good value for money especially if only for the free legal and/or financial advice on offer.

With best wishes,

David Wotton


Regional Secretary
PCS ARM's South West
PCS South West Regional Office

Suite lll, First Floor, Quintana Gate

Bartholomew Street





Tel: 08452 696305