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​​​#TimetoTalk Challenge

Each year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem.  Sometimes it's the little things we all do that can make a big difference.

Why not take the #TimetoTalk Challenge onTime to Talk Day (6 February)?  mental Health charity Mind is aiming to spark one million conversations.  And they need your help to get there!!

TIME              CHALLENGE

8.30-9am         That text

                     Who haven't you been in touch with recently How about sending them a 'How are you?' text?

11am               That cuppa

                     For Elevenses, offer to make someone a drink. Ask them how their day looks, and listen.

12.30-1.30pm    That walk

                     Invite someone for a walk. A change of scene can clear the mind, especially if you work at a desk for prolonged periods.

2.30-4.30pm      That cuppa

                     Afternoon tea is another good excuse to share a chat over a drink.  Serving suggestion: with biscuits.

5.50-6.30pm      That invite

                     Do you follow Time to Change on social media? Search for us, then 'share' something that appeals.

                             What's the plan for the weekend? Could you invite someone along?

7pm onwards      The Phonecall

                     "Hey, I'll give you a call soon!" That old chestnut. Why not pick up the 'phone and say hello tonight?