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Check Off - Register your direct debit details today


A number of departments are entering in to a period of further 'consultation' about the possible withdrawal of check off. We are now facing the very real prospect that departments, prompted by Tory Ministers, will withdraw check off as soon as they are able to. It is essential that we make every possible effort to encourage members to register their Direct Debit details.

The approach we make to departments will be on the basis that:

• We are opposed to the removal of check off and that we see it as a political attack on the Union

• We consider any attempt to remove check off to be an act of Union busting with all the consequences for industrial relations that involves

• If it is not, in their view, Union busting, they must give us sufficient time to complete the switchover to direct debit

We need as a matter of urgency to collect Direct Debit details from all our members. Excellent progress is being made in the collection of information, with 67% of members in Land Registry Durham, for instance, having provided DD details.

We now have a new, simplified online process for members to register Direct Debit information. The new process takes less that 5 minutes. It is essential that all members are encouraged to log DD mandate details at